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Hello and welcome!

Strong Hearts is a Registered Charity based in Victoria, Australia. We rescue farmed animals, cats and dogs.

Strong Hearts was founded over ten years ago, by two sisters - Michayla and Jess. It started as a rescue for farmed animals, but has since branched off to become a rescue for dogs and cats as well.

Strong Hearts is passionate about raising awareness about the plight of farmed animals, and to educate people to see farmed animals as individuals, who seek love, warmth and comfort. We also raise awareness about the importance of adoption - both for farmed animals and companion animals. Desexing is such an important element to helping aleviate the companion animal crisis.

Strong Hearts is based in Melbourne, Australia. We rehabilitate farmed animals on our two properties, and prepare them for adoption. For the dog and cat branch of our rescue, we have foster carers throughout Melbourne who care for our rescue pets until they are ready for adoption.

Adopt, don't shop!

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