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Applying for a cat or kittens

The second step of the process is to complete an adoption application form.

This includes filling out information about:

  • yourself

  • your household

  • your lifestyle

  • present and past pets, etc.  

Our adoption co-ordinators review every application that comes through as promptly as possible. If we feel your household is suitable for the particular cat or kitten that you are enquiring about, we will call you for a phone interview to ensure that the best possible match has been made. If we believe the cat or kitten you've enquired about isn't going to be the best fit for your household, we will give you a call to discuss some other cats or kittens that may be better suited.

Please remember that all of our team members are volunteers and it may take a couple of days for us to get back to you on the status of your application.

You can complete a cat or kitten adoption form by clicking the button below.​

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