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Rescuing and rehoming kill-listed cats and kittens
every Wednesday

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Strong Hearts Cat Rescue is based in Victoria, Australia. We rescue kill-listed cats and kittens from local and rural pounds and then desex, microchip and vaccinate them before adopting them out to loving, forever homes.


We have a wonderful team of volunteer admin staff and foster carers throughout Melbourne, who look after our rescue cats until they are adopted. We have a team of amazing vets who support our work, and provide exceptional care to our rescue cats and kittens.

We believe that all breeds of cats deserve loving and caring homes and any medical care necessary to ensure the best possible quality of life, regardless of their age or condition. Through our work, we also seek to educate the community on responsible companion animal guardianship, holistic cat health care management and the dire situation of thousands of healthy cats and kittens being euthanised everyday in Australia…and what can be done to prevent this from happening.


Why we are an indoor cat rescue

If you have applied to adopt a cat or kitten from us, you will notice that we are an indoor cat rescue. This means that if the cat is to spend time outdoors, they must be in a cat proof enclosure, or fully supervised. There are ready-made cat enclosures that you can buy, or you can 'cat-proof' your balcony or courtyard with cat netting. Note that a cat can climb a 2m fence with ease, so tall fences or walls will not contain them. Our indoor policy is for the safety of your cat as well as the safety of wildlife. Keeping your cat indoors (or in enclosures when spending time outside) also helps protect your cat or kitten from disease and injuries that may occur from accidents or fighting

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