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Donations save lives!

We are a not-for-profit animal rescue entirely run by incredibly hard working volunteers and donations from generous animal lovers within the community. By donating to Strong Hearts Sanctuary, you can be assured that every single dollar donated to us, will be a dollar spent on an animal we have rescued from a kill-list. 

For further information on some of the life saving things we use our donations for, scroll down below.

We are a registered charity, and all donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

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Strong Hearts Farm Sanctuary

BSB: 633 000

ACC: 180405532


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Please help Evanescence

Our precious Evanescence came to us at only 300gm  when we rescued her from a regional euthanasia list. Evanescence has dwarfism and has a long hard road ahead. On 30 December, she suddenly declined and was rushed to the vet with a high fever. She spent the day with them where she had bloods, an ultrasound, x-rays, and has started on two types of antibiotics to try to get to the bottom of what’s making her so unwell. What caused her rapid decline is still unclear and will take time and expensive testing to get to uncover. Thankfully she’s responded well to the antibiotics but has been transferred to the emergency centre for care overnight as she is still too fragile to come home.

Fundraiser for Katana

Katana found herself on death row in a pound with her 4 kittens - struggling to stay healthy enough to feed them all. Poor mama Katana has what we call "black mastitis" - mastitis that is so severe that the mammary tissue dies, and turns black and necrotic. So far, the hospital fees for Katana have been upwards of $6,000 - a huge expense for our charity, and it's going to be a while until she is out of the woods.

Here is what your donation can do...


will get us a Miracle Nipple for bottle feeding a neonatal kitten, small puppy or rabbit.



will get us a bag of cat food that will last one cat nearly three months.


Female Desex.png

will desex, vaccinate and microchip one female cat.



will get us a bag of cat litter that will last one cat a month.



will get us one way in petrol to Griffith NSW (458kms) to save a car load of kill listed animals.


Dog Desex.png

will desex, vaccinate and microchip one dog.


Flea HW and W Treatment.png

will provide flea, heartworm and worm treatment to three cats or dogs.


Male Desex.png

will castrate, vaccinate and microchip one male cat.



will cover the costs of an overnight stay at an emergency hospital.

Image by Kote Puerto
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