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Registering Your New Pet

Congratulations on adopting your new furry family member and providing them with a loving forever home! As responsible pet owners, it's important to be aware of your legal obligation to register your new furry friend with your local council.

Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, it is mandatory to register every dog and cat over three months of age with your local council. You will be required to pay an annual registration fee for your new pet.

If you have recently adopted a pet or have moved from another council area, you must register your pet once it reaches three months of age. The registration process may involve providing your pets microchip number, vaccination records, proof of desex and possibly some other necessary documentation.

Each council has its own set of regulations, including fees, the maximum number of permitted animals per residence etc. It's important to familiarise yourself with your local council's specific requirements to ensure your household complies.

Below are some quick links to some of the metropolitan councils in Victoria. For our councils outside of metropolitan Melbourne, we recommend googling your local council and ‘new pet registration’.

Image by Kote Puerto
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