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Types of Foster Cats

We rescue a wide range of cats and kittens, and it is important to match the cat to the foster carer
and their household.

We rescue cats of all ages, shapes and sizes including:

  • Neonatal - Under 4 months old (these babies need round the clock care!)

  • Kitten - Between 4 and 12 months old

  • Adult - 12 months old +

  • Senior Cat - 8 years old +

We also have a couple special cats and kittens for more experienced carers or those up for a challenge including:


  • Spicy or scaredy cats - Very afraid and a bit hissy or swipey at people who deserve a chance!

  • Injured and/or sick

Our foster carers have direct contact with our foster coordinators and are invited to join a foster carer support group chat where we have qualified and experienced team members who can help to answer any questions. This is a supportive and non-judgmental group of animal lovers who appreciate the challenges of fostering and are there to help.

We can usually give you an estimated timeline of how long a cat or kittens will be in your care (with the exception of behavioural or palliative as that is often case-by-case). Even with kittens, circumstances can change quite quickly with illness, infections and so on. 

Ongoing support
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